Insight Timer

Free app for sleep, anxiety, and stress

Insight Timer is a free app for sleep, anxiety and stress with more than 100k guided meditations led by the best teachers from India and the world.

Website: Insight Timer

Twitter: @InsightTimer

LinkedIn: Insight Timer

Pricing: Free, Paid for companies ($99/ mo)

Insight Timer Product Features

  • Meditation: 100,000 free  guided meditations in 200 topics.
  • Yoga: Live yoga from worlds best teachers.
  • Sleep: Sleep guides, music and talks.
  • Events: Connect and engage with the world's best teachers in live events.

Insight Timer Paid Business Features

  • 100,000 guided meditations
  • Live events & Yoga
  • Group Meditations
  • Workplace Groups
  • 1,000+ Courses
  • Offline listening
  • Reporting dashboard

Insight Timer Reviews

Here's what customers are saying about Insight Timer:

Since the last update the app has been stopping at random moments, but shows in the status bar as still playing. I can't pause it or clear it and re-opening the app is like starting fresh, so it also doesn't track my days. The only way to clear the app from the status bar is be re-starting my phone. At first I tried to see this as a challenge from the universe to stay relaxed when s*** happens, but now I'm getting really annoyed.

Priyanka U
While I used to love Insight Timer, it has been over a month since meditations and other media have started to cut out anywhere starting at 3 minutes in. It is beyond frustrating, and I end up in a more negative state than where I started. Despite all the "updates," this is the one consistent issue that remains. At this point, I recommend using any other app or even YouTube, because this one has become useless.

Trudi Antoine
A must have for meditators. This app is very rich and filled with powerful tools for meditating and spirituality. It has a customizable mediation timer and many courses and teachers. There is much you can do to track your progress. The one thing I would change is the negative impact section. I have marked certain things as having a negative impact in the past, and even when I create a new check-in it still shows up as negative. I would like if it cleared daily instead of constantly reminding me.

Deborah Barry-Roe
I have used this App for a no of years, and absolutely love it. Since this last update however meditations stop randomly every few minutes. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app in the hope it would resolve the issue, but not only do I still have the same problem, now I have lost my history as I can't log back into my account. If the issue is not resolved I'll have to find another meditation app, but I do really love this one when it works!

Isabella Summers
My sister recommended this app and sent me the link. I had been struggling with postpartum anxiety and a ton of stress with sick family members. This app really impressed me. I thought it was just going to be a song or something soothing and it was so much more. I did the 5 minute meditation, check-in and honestly felt great afterwards. As a busy mom of 4 kids I have to find time in my day and this app just made self care so much easier for me.

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