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28 May, 2022
Maria Jose

Can you please introduce yourself?

I'm Maria Jose, born in Peru, I have lived in the Netherlands, China, London and now Vietnam. Traveling and integrating with new cultures has been the best school I've had. I have +7years of experience working with big brands from Unilever, Danone and IKEA. I currently live in Saigon, Vietnam with my husband,

What’s your profession, what do you do?

Marketing & Comms professional. I am currently head of Content Marketing at Handprint

What company do you work for? Are you a freelancer or Digital Nomad?

Digital nomad

How did you start with a remote work journey?

I have spent all my career in big corporates (please ensure that this doesn't come negatively, it has been the best school I had in my career, getting to know the biggest and most loved brands). Thanks to work, I have been able to travel and relocate few times. My remote work started 1 month ago when I started working at Handprint, a Green Tech company.

What do you think are the main benefits of working remotely?

Managing your own time, travel and work, for example I just spent the last 3 weeks in Bali with some colleagues! It is great to go to new places and be able to continue delivering your work

Do you think there are disadvantages or that you’re missing something by working remotely?

Face to face interaction on a daily basis. Being new to the company it is key to build relationships, it is possible over a virtual coffee but it takes more time. I just spent 3 weeks in Bali with my team, and I tackled big movements and strategy with my team in a couple of afternoons. These would have taken me at least a couple of weeks and few calls.

From what cities or countries have you worked since you have become remote? What are your favourite countries or cities to work from?

Based in Vietnam, so I have only tried Bali so far.

From what type of places do you prefer to work? Home, co-working spaces, coffee shops, or others?

Co working to connect with other nomads and entrepreneurs. and coffee shops with nice relaxing music

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? Share your remote productivity, communication, management, etc. tips based on your experience!

Communication and time difference.

How do you manage your business and taxes as a remote working professional?

You need to hire someone!

What advice would you give to people looking to work remotely?

Rather than just focus on working remotely, look for a purpose. I chose handprint not only because the remote work sounded like a dream, I chose it because of the vision and the values of the company.

Handprint wants to change the world and regenerate the planet - I wanted do to something that kicks me out of bed every morning, something that I can use my talent and competence to contribute to make the world a better place

Do you work on any side projects?

Yes. I run my only coffee business

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