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8 July, 2022

Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Joeri Nanov, the Co-founder of

What’s your profession, what do you do?


What company do you work for? Are you a freelancer or Digital Nomad?

How did you start with a remote work journey?

After 4 weeks of working remotely 👨‍💻 while cycling through Europe🚴‍♂️, I decided to launch a platform where you could find the best hotels and hostels for remote working. There are so many cool and suitable locations to work from, however, they are really hard to find.

During my cycling trip, I constantly had to deal with the same problems🤯. The hotels did not have ergonomic workstations. The desks in the rooms were too small and the chairs were not adjustable. The lack of good WIFI gave me another challenge. Due to bad internet, I structurally missed online meetings. my motive to travel around and work at the same time was to meet new people, however, the locations I worked from did not have like-minded people. My cycling trip from Amsterdam to Italy was an amazing experience, however, the working remote part was a deception. I was working on small desks, with bad WIFI while feeling lonely at dinner After researching forums and blogs I realized there were actually a lot of hotels and hostels that are focussing on the remote worker as a target audience. The downside however is that they are hard to find. I discussed this problem with my friend Salvatore Tipaldi with whom I share a passion to travel. That is how the idea for RemoteDream came to life💡. It should become the place where all the ideal remote work hotels and hostels could be found and booked. Eventually, it should also become the place where you can arrange everything around your remote work journey👩‍💻🏝️. The platform helps by bringing together all locations to one place. Besides that, locations are qualified based on how suitable they are for remote working, if the internet quality is good enough and whether there is an active community of remote workers.

RemoteDream aims to speak the language of the remote worker. An example is the intuitive search filters to find the right locations. Users can filter on locations that will be warmer than 15 degrees Celsius in winter❄️🔥. Another example is a filter that will show all locations that are in the EU timezone⌚. This should help remote workers from companies like MessageBird that have policies that allow working remotely, as long as you are in the same time zone. Another helpful feature are reviews, which will be connected to the job title of the reviewer. This way users will see way more relevant reviews, not those of anyone but specifically from remote workers💬.

The platform will constantly publish articles about cool locations and experiences of remote workers to inspire its users. Also, tips and knowledge will be shared to adapt to the remote worker lifestyle🏙️ 🌅 🌉. For now, RemoteDream is the ideal place to find and learn about all these suitable remote work locations. We are striving to make all locations bookable as well within a month from now. This won't be the end station, the platform will be extended with a community feature and information about local visa requirements. The RemoteDream platform will soon be an ideal tool as well for employers that want to grant their employees access to remote work spots with a high-quality standard🚀🚀.

What do you think are the main benefits of working remotely?


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