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Company Description

At Shipsy, we aspire to be at the forefront of technology with next-generation products that change the way logistics is managed, and positively impact millions of people

Over the past 6 years, Shipsy has gained a dominant share in the domestic logistics space with over 30% of the India courier/express industry flowing through our system. We have also gained a foothold in international markets with companies in Saudi Arabia, UAE, North Africa, and Southeast Asia using our platform. 

Global trade still largely runs on a messy chain of emails and excel files. Trillions of dollars of trade essentially runs on a platform called email. Shipsy is there to solve this problem. Shipsy's SaaS based platform helps businesses manage all aspects of international trade - working with vendors to procure rates for shipping, having a digital workflow management platform to complete all documentation related activities, integrations with global shipping lines to bring about end to end visibility and reducing invoicing errors through smart AI based reconciliation. ~10% of India's global trade through its platform, thereby helping 5 of the top 10 exporters and importers reduce costs and get end to end shipment visibility. With roots growing in Middle East and South East Asia, Shipsy is quickly becoming the de facto platform to manage international trade.

Shipsy has recently raised investment from Sequoia Capital's Surge and Info Edge (~$8m till date).

Job Description

As a SAAS company powering businesses across multiple geographies, Shipsy processes millions of transactions per day and supports its clients' operations with its AI powered platform, APIs and more. Shipsy’s engineers work on the core tech for all of that. In this role, you will work closely with founders to build features, tools, both those that exist today and those that we will build in the future. Your contributions will enable hundreds of businesses that rely on Shipsy to manage their operations smoothly and help Shipsy expand in new markets

We are looking for builders of the 1st order. You should get a rush from creating things from scratch and take pleasure in watching users try to tear it apart through sheer volume and strange, unthinkable use cases. And when it breaks, you are to Shipsy’s rescue! — make everything smooth, secure and stronger than ever!

As with any startup, responsibilities will vary frequently. You’ll wear multiple hats, and work across many different technologies, might talk to clients directly and have an active say in the direction of our product. We want someone who is passionate about this type of environment!

What You'll Do

  • As a hands-on engineering professional, you'll stay on top of the details and will be more focused on building a better, more efficient program and creating the best user experience

  • Work with a wide range of systems, stakeholders, processes and technologies to own and solve problems from design to delivery

  • Uphold our high engineering standards and bring consistency to the many codebases and processes you will encounter

  • Participate in a culture of code reviews, writing tech specs, and collaborating closely with other people and lend your help in your areas of expertise.

  • Building highly scalable, reliable, efficient distributed systems to serve traffic-heavy SaaS-based product using micro-services architecture.

  • Building scalable component libraries, design systems and tools using typescript, Solve complex design problems and User Interface compatibility issues across browsers.

  • Contribute directly to the technical and product roadmap


  • 2+ years of hands-on experience building web applications with Nodejs, React and a solid understanding of software construction

  • Comfortable with Responsive Web Design and Development and weave out beautiful code in React, an interest in building UIs with modern tools like ES6, React, Redux, and Webpack

  • You are intensely curious and passionate about the prospect of diving deep in multiple technologies, platforms, and problem spaces, even if they are currently unfamiliar

  • Strong product and design sensibilities and has an obsessive attention to detail.

  • Write testable, maintainable code that's easy to understand.

  • Strong sense of ownership and integrity demonstrated through clear communication and collaboration.

  • Experience with programming languages and tools, including but not limited to NodeJs / Javascript Programming / ReactJs/ PostgreSQL / MongoDB / Git / Linux / Amazon Web Services, REST, Web Technologies. 

  • Take pride in working on projects to successful completion involving a wide variety of technologies and systems

  • A degree in Computer Science or a similar area are bonuses

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