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Kecamatan Depok, Indonesia
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2y ago

Company Description

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Ajobthing is a successful start-up that aims to deliver products that solve recruitment problems using cutting edge software, the world wide web, mobile and innovative marketing.

We are result-oriented and welcome fail-fast mentality, ever willing to try out fresh ideas. When others may ask “Why?”, we choose to ask “Why not?”. We encourage a spirit of collaboration, celebrate the success of colleagues and practice picking each other up when we inevitably fall. We frown upon office politics, self-centeredness and discrimination. Bureaucracy slows down many companies, so here we built one that practices simple, lean, and efficient processes.

Last but not least, we define success based on the value we create for our users.

Job Description

We're looking for someone to help us speed up our sourcing for Technical/IT Talents at 
This role represents an opportunity for experienced Tech/IT Recruiters to earn more income while working on their own schedule and place.
Our ideal candidate will have a Hustler mentality: an independent, adaptable, and highly motivated Recruiter. Able to get into the details and deliver quality results on time.

Roles and Responsibility:

  • Sourcing quality candidates and keeps our talent pool healthy.
  • Ensure your referred candidates shows up for interview or other hiring process. 


  • Ability to understand Tech Job Requirements and Qualifications (Programmers, QA)
  • Ability to understand other Job Requirements and Qualifications for other professions in Internet/Digital area. 
  • Comfortable using Internets, and Google Documents

Additional Information

How to Apply :

  • Submit your Resume, along with your rates (we pay for results, e.g: how much you charge for 1 qualified candidate that shows on interview)
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