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What is a Returnship?

It is essentially an internship for experienced individuals who have taken time away from their careers and would like to re-enter the workforce. This is also an opportunity where any experienced individual can get the chance to become re-acquainted with the latest trends in today’s work environment as well as improve skills that may have become rusty. However, like an internship, there is also no guarantee that it will lead to a full-time position depending on your performance or overall suitability or availability if you wish to pursue full-time careers with other companies.  

Our returnships are for a minimum of 3 months and the salary will be determined based your overall level of experience. Other than that, should any individual find other job opportunities while undergoing a potential returnship, a 2 weeks’ notice must be provided.

SEEKA Technologies (Not Seeka Limited as mistakenly shown on LinkedIn sometimes) is a project under its parent organization called Fresh Futures Australia which is an education consultant based in both Australia and Malaysia. It will be a huge platform that utilizes A.I. to help match students and job seekers to the right opportunities relevant to them from Primary/Grade school to University level as well as language schools and job opportunities. Our mission is to make it easier for anyone to find, filter and apply to different schools or educational institutions that suit them best as well as make the transition from studies to work more seamless.

We are currently looking to hire experienced individuals who have proven work experience as student counsellors and to give them the opportunity to get back into the industry. One thing you need to note is that our target market is the education system in Australia, so international background or experience working with foreign education systems is a bonus. 

Important Note: 

  • You must have proven, relevant work experience
  • Be at least 25 years old and above (Even 50 year-olds are welcome to apply)
  • Must be able to work from home (Stable internet and laptop/desktop pc)

Job Description

  • Referring students to suited degree programs based on interests, aptitudes, or educational assessments.
  • Identifying social problems, personal issues and other academic problems that may affect the students' studies for a study program they have chosen.
  • To help create solutions to students who are currently facing problems with the study programs they have already chosen.
  • To help us determine suitable career paths for the students/users.
  • Providing the students/users more information about the degrees or learning programs they're interested in as well as the admission requirements of the educational institutions providing those programs.
  • Providing assistance to students who wish to apply for scholarships 
  • Maintaining records of the students before and after they have applied for learning programs
  • Ensuring consistent quality lead conversion and overall KPI


  • At least 3 to 5 years of relevant work experience
  • A degree in Counselling or relevant work experience
  • Experience with customer support is a bonus 
  • Excellent communication & listening skills 
  • Ability to discern actual interests such as when a student is not genuinely interested in studying
  • Able to negotiate and reason with students/ parents who are fixated on learning programs that may not be suitable for them
  • Must have a strong sense of integrity when dealing with any stakeholder
  • Being Tech-savvy is a bonus

Additional Information


  1. Work from home and remote work is allowed 
  2. Full-time work towards the end of the returnship is a possibility
  3. Increased employability 
  4. Opportunities to work with the latest trends, technology as well as methodologies 
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