Backend Engineer (Solana)



Full Time
3y ago
We are looking for someone to assist with developing an NFT/ Gaming project on Solana.

Our team has front end developers, back end developers, and product designers, but the project is growing scope and needing additional help handling some of the outside items.

This job will start on a contract basis and has has the potential of expanding into a full time role. The pay listed is flexible on both the price and amount of equity provided. Equity would only be possible if we hire this person onto a full time role.

A good candidate is someone who has already worked on projects in the Solana ecosystem, and is familiar with projects like Zed Run which has an interactive NFT. Since Solana has its own runtime for smart contracts, It is a requirement to have previously coded with rust: preferably with Anchor. We will also be reviewing your Github as part of the hiring process.

Please send me an email if you have other questions and want more details. I have more information that I prefer to provide directly.
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