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About Acho

Acho helps analysts build data pipeline with no coding. Within a few clicks, an analyst can build a database for data she/he gets from Google Analytics, Stripe or any third-party app. The team is currently based in Boston. We're looking for developers preferably with 2-3 years of experience.

About the role

Skills: SQL


Acho is building the next-gen cloud data platform for teams across industries to access their data assets with great functionalities and visibility. Today, hundreds of business teams use Acho to transform their processes and unlock more value from their data than ever before. Team Acho is engineering-focused and collaborative. Backed by Y Combinator, VCs, and industry leaders, we aim to solve some of the hardest problems in the data space today.

About the job

Technical writers on our team plan, create, and maintain educational content as an integral part of the engineering and user experience. The content is often in the form of online Q&A, blogs, product documentation, and promotional materials. It may also be UI text, sample codes, videos, or other educational materials. Regardless of the content medium, technical writers are distinguished by their abilities to explain complex topics in a way that’s useful and comprehensible to their audiences.

As a Technical Writer on the Acho business and analytics team, you’ll

Drive online visibility for Acho Cloud's products through SEO & SERP optimization

Have the opportunity to create processes and docs that will help scale the product to include events across Acho and beyond, depending on users’ needs

Cover concepts, tutorials, quick-starts, integrated developer tools, APIs, samples, and leverage other types of content such as videos.

Drive documentation for Acho Cloud's products

Your core responsibilities include planning, creating, and maintaining technical content for internal or external audiences. Edit, clarify and proofread technical content written by others, and coach non-writers on ways to improve their writing skills. Manage complex documentation projects. Supplement developer documentation with relevant sample codes.


Bachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience. Experience in technical writing, online publishing, or product documentation. Experience in collaborating with software engineers on a daily basis.

Bachelor’s or Master's degree, or equivalent professional experience in the business, or STEM degrees

Strong analytical & data skills with SQL, Python, Matlab, or R

Understanding of modern front-end markup (principally HTML and CSS).

Understanding of fundamental SEO & SERP concepts

Excellent English verbal and written presentation skills.


  •          HTML & CSS
  •          Javascript (Vue.js, bootstrap, axios, redux, google analytics, jquery, datatables, webpack)
  •          RESTful API Design & Implementation (OpenAPI)
  •          MySQL Commands & Utilities (Mysqldump...)
  •          Elasticsearch
  •          DynamoDB
  •          Docker & Docker-compose
  •          Python3 (Requests, PyMySQL, SQLAlchemy, Scrapy, multiprocessing, apscheduler, pandas, numpy...)
  •          Linux Commands & Utilities (Ubuntu, screen, crontab)
  •          Kubernetes (GKE)
  •          Load Balancer (Ingress)
  •          Compute Engine (GCE)
  •          Cloud Endpoint
  •          MySQL (Cloud SQL)
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