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Company Description

ProPharma Group is an industry leading, single source provider for regulatory compliance, pharmacovigilance, and medical information services across the full development lifecycle for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. Operating around the world with offices in Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States, ProPharma Group’s fully integrated service offerings will provide clients with a comprehensive suite of global support services that are required to be competitive in today’s dynamic markets. We build successful long-term relationships with clients by providing leading industry knowledge, experience, and proven processes.

Job Description

Providing an excellent quality and efficient Medical Information (MI) service in respect of designated clients/products.

Management of daily work load of a team of Medical Information professionals to support the delivery of a high quality, efficient and cost effective Medical Information enquiry handling service on behalf of designated clients.

Taking responsibility for significant tasks within the team as designated by Manager e.g. quality assurance, training coordinator, client liason. 

Essential Functions Include:

1. Medical Information service delivery
Appropriate supervision and advice will be provided to support the Medical Information Team Leader in the conduct of the designated responsibilities listed below:
•    Providing an excellent quality and efficient medical information enquiry handling service by answering technical questions in respect of designated products in an accurate, confident and professional manner. Enquiries may be received via phone, letter, email and fax.
•    Being knowledgeable and complying with the specific Working Practices (WPs) which have been agreed with designated clients as well as following processes which may be documented in Client Instructions/other documentation.
•    Independently ensuring that tasks are completed within the deadlines and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) documented in the agreed ProPharma Group Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and WPs.
•    Supporting junior members of the team in ensuring that their tasks are completed within the deadlines documented in the agreed ProPharma Group SOPs and WPs as requested by Management.
•    Recognising adverse events and defective product reports and handling and reporting these in strict compliance with agreed ProPharma Group SOPs and WPs.
•    Using existing standard responses to prepare Medical Information correspondence (via client databases) or taking responsibility for liaising with the Medical Information Support Services Department to request the generation of Medical Information correspondence.
•    Generating simple non-standard written responses to a high quality. To have achieved and maintained accreditation status to check these responses generated by other members of the teams.
•    Efficiently logging all enquiries handled in an accurate, comprehensive and timely fashion in to Enquiry Handling Systems.
•    Liaising with Medical Information Assistants to ensure data received from clients is saved on file in a timely manner where applicable.
•    Able to communicate effectively with the Company’s clients as appropriate.
•    Maintaining awareness of, and ensuring compliance with, the legal requirements and professional guidelines associated with the provision of medical information on behalf of the Pharmaceutical Industry.
•    Identifying where company-specific WPs/Client Instructions may require updating and liaising with the Client Managers accordingly.
2. Workload Management
•    Taking responsibility for assessing current workload status of team members, producing workload rota without Manager input and ensuring the fair distribution of workload. Raising any workload concerns with management.
•    Able to redistribute workload to ensure all deadlines are met and request further support from Manager where needed.
•    Able to maintain an oversight of the team’s performance against the agreed KPIs, feeding back to management and the team on improvements needed or providing positive feedback as required.
•    Able to plan ahead to organise workload to take into account Public Holiday periods including annual leave and ad hoc cover as applicable.
•    Able to recognise capacity levels within the team and to offer support to other teams where appropriate. Able to clearly communicate to management which areas the team may need help from outside of the team.
•    Attending the morning workload meeting as required by the Manager to update the workload distributor on workload in the team including any capacity for additional workload in a concise and positive manner.
•    Able to proactively suggest tasks that can be delegated to junior members of the team or MI Associates to enable the team to work as efficiently as possible.
•    Taking responsibility for chasing logging where appropriate for weekly and monthly reports, and liaising with management or Medical Information Support Services accordingly.
•    Motivating the team to provide an efficient and effective Medical Information service.
3. Quality Assurance
•    Consistently maintaining quality in all areas of the job, particularly reporting of Adverse Events (AEs), Product Quality Complaints (PQCs) and logging enquiries into the Enquiry Handling System, including maintaining single check accreditation.
•    Performing quality checks on AEs, PQCs and correspondence to ensure accuracy in all areas of the job for other team members.
•    Quality checking communication to clients in relation to day to day enquiries.
•    Quality-checking the data entered in the weekly reports in an accurate and timely fashion and notifying management of any concerns identified during these checks.
•    Taking responsibility as required for co-ordinating the checking of weekly reports in an accurate and timely fashion and liaising with management or admin regarding any updates or problems relating to the weekly reports.
•    Taking responsibility as required for ensuring that new starter paperwork for Performance Indicators/Accreditations are completed correctly and filed with Quality. Communicating appropriately with management and ‘buddy’ to ensure new starters complete all Performance Indicators/Accreditations are completed correctly.
•    Taking responsibility as required for co-ordinating any quality checks (Telephone QA, or Medical Information QA) within the team in a timely fashion, and communicating with management if there are any problems.
•    Taking responsibility as required for investigating complaints or deviations, as well as generating emails to respond to clients on these and suggesting corrective and preventative actions with minimal input from Manager.
4. Training
•    Supporting the induction and training of new members of staff, including assisting new members of staff through their Performance Indicators and Accreditations.
•    Supporting and coaching other team members to ensure ProPharma Group’s processes are followed.
•    Proving accurate guidance on professional and technical questions, including support on non-standard enquiries.
•    Taking responsibility as required for co-ordinating future training needs for the team (ProPharma Group and client) by producing a plan of training requirements and progress, and keeping management up to date.
•    Involvement in induction program training sessions, as required by management.
•    Involvement in some significant training sessions as requested by management, for example training out major changes to an SOP/ ProPharma Group process.
•    Identifying areas to improve in relation to existing training sessions, or new training sessions which may be required by the team.
5. Supporting the overall business
•    Developing and improving processes, including updating any necessary documentation, training staff and communicating updates to relevant people.
•    Taking responsibility as required for leading a significant project(s) within the team(s) e.g. notifications, AE Follow Up, outgoing calls. Co-ordinating, planning and training out of the project and ensuring regular status updates are provided to management.
•    Taking responsibility as required for being the Client Manager for designated clients by:
a.    ensuring that WPs are kept up to date and taking responsibility for training these updates to the team
b.    responding to client emails in a timely manner with minimal changes required to the email content by Manager
c.    Leading client meetings, taking action minutes and following up on actions
6. General
•    Taking responsibility for performing additional tasks within the Company as delegated by the Manager.
•    Having an excellent working knowledge of, and to comply with, the SOPs of ProPharma Group.
•    Complying with the Company’s health and safety policies.
•    Ensuring the Confidentiality Statement within the Contract of Employment is adhered to at all times in respect of the data and property of ProPharma Group, its clients and employees of the business.


1.    A degree in a life science or pharmacy or equivalent.
2.    Track record of success as a pharmaceutical Medical Information Professional, with at least 18 months prior Medical Information experience or equivalent.
3.    Excellent knowledge of medical information services and healthcare provision systems in the UK, together with the regulations codes and guidelines relevant to their provision.
4.    Sound understanding of the pharmaceutical industry.
5.    Able to understand, analyse and communicate pharmacological and medical issues concerning a broad range of pharmaceutical products.
6.    Able to work within a team in a positive, open and professional manner at all times. Also able to work effectively with colleagues in other departments.
7.    Able to motivate the team and encourage them to work efficiently.
8.    Excellent written and oral communication skills and computer literacy including communication with management regarding discrepancies/concerns.
9.    Excellent planning, prioritising and organisational skills, showing responsibility for meeting deadlines of own workload. This also includes preparing in advance for meetings.
10.    Able to co-ordinate and prioritise a team’s workload in an efficient and positive manner to ensure deadlines are met.
11.    Able to identify potential process improvements and to develop and improve processes.

Additional Information

•    Proactively communicating feedback areas for the team and the individual to develop and improve in catch ups with Manager.
•    Ensuring that any confidential information or personal data related to ProPharma Group and its clients is managed in accordance with Data Privacy regulations as described in ProPharma Group SOPs.
•    Acting as a role model to other members of staff, acting in a positive and professional manner at all times even during busy periods or times when the Business Continuity Plan is in place and motivating the team to work efficiently.

***ProPharma Group does not accept unsolicited resumes from recruiters/third parties. Please, no phone calls or emails to anyone regarding this posting.***


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