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Company Description

We Dream. We Do. We Deliver.

Started by ex-Amazon product heads in 2009, Merkle Sokrati is India’s leading technology company. We help create bespoke solutions for our clients in Big Data and Analytics,  Marketing Technology and Digital Transformation domains. Awarded Deloitte’s Tech Top 50 for five years in a row, Merkle Sokrati is also a certified partner for many enterprise marketing technology solutions like Salesforce, Adobe, MoEngage, AppsFlyer, Branch.io, and more. We help India's largest and fastest-growing brands like Swiggy, Tanishq, Canon, Tata Sky, ITC, Kotak, FoxStar, Voot, and many others to build and execute customer-centric business strategies. Touted as one of the coolest work cultures in the country, Sokrati is led by an extremely dynamic, and vibrant team of 1,400 strong experts, working across 7 time zones to bring efficiency, innovation, and brilliance into the digital space.

Some of the exciting projects we are working on

  • Building a platform on AWS Cloud which enables India's largest FMCG company to communicate with 100 million customers individually, avoiding expensive technology solutions.
  • Building features for a platform which was built from scratch and which does around 5K Queries per second on the database on any normal day and enables a team 500 customer support staff to help customers within seconds of them filling a form on a website. All this happens in a blink of an eye for one of the largest private Insurance provider in India.
  • Creating a platform by working with one of the largest production house and Indias leading movie ticketing partners to enable insights into movie goers preferences and purchase behaviours. Handled around 1 Billion Transactions at Peak time and analyzed 100 Billion rows of data to predict ticket sales all across India.

Job Description

What is a Typical day in the life of any Software Developer at Sokrati

  1. You begin your day typically with a Team Standup, where the Scrum Master/PM will discuss your daily tasks with you.
  2. You would spend most of your days working individually on coding tasks. Coding at Sokrati is not just about writing lines of code. It involves ideation with leads, peers on the approach, creating mini specifications, doing Peer reviews and getting feedback from peers, pair programming sessions and a whole lot of fun.
  3. Get to meet your Yoda or be one to another Luke. At Sokrati there are no managers or leads, just cool mentors who would show you the path. We truly believe there is something we can learn from everyone and hence you will also become a mentor or a buddy to someone in the company the day you join. 
  4. Work on implementing real world business requirements directly v/s write this API or this module. At Sokrati we believe in and value ownership a lot. So you will get to work on business requirements and user stories from day 1. Write the complete code (2000 LOC is child's play for any feature), write your own tests, demo it on Demo day, and finally take it live on production and also fix it your own bugs. 
  5. Get to work on latest technologies, At Sokrati every developer gets access to AWS/GCP cloud accounts, Feel truly free in this playground, experiment and learn. There are infinite possibilities of what you may discover and build. Access to wide variety of learning resources and fully paid certification exams creds.


▪ 1-3 years of Development Experience, You can count any relevant internship experience as well.
▪ Bachelor s degree in Computer Science or similar, or advanced degree preferred.
▪ Experience in any of the below Programming Languages, Java, Python, Javascript (Nodejs), PHP, .Net or any other modern day Programming Language.
▪ Significant experience writing, utilizing and securing RESTful API services in large
scale distributed applications. and experience with using tools like Swagger, Postman and JMeter for API testing is a plus.
▪ Experience with micro service architectures, Loadbalancers, Queues, Serverless functions, and cloud systems, especially AWS/Azure/GCP.
▪ Experience in build scripts or any build system like, Maven, Gradle, Grunt etc
▪ Experience with relational and non relational (e.g., MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB,
CouchDB, Cassandra, ElasticSearc h etc.) data stores.
▪ Experience in engineering practices such as code refactoring, design patterns, test
driven development, continuous integration, building highly scalable applications,
application security.
▪ Experience in container technologies like Docker / Kubernetes a plus.
▪ Experience in agile development methodologies.

Additional Information

  • An opportunity to work with one of India’s most promising companies in a genuine growth hacking role
  • Unparalleled learning opportunities in the company of ridiculously smart folks with very high levels of expertise in their respective functions
  • Fantastically transparent, vibrant and positive work culture
  • Fastest career growth wrt any other company in similar domain. At Sokrati Leadership doesnt start when you have a Lead as a suffix to your role, but it starts on the day you take charge and become responsible and we help you take charge.

What your Career Path Typically looks like like

6 Months -  Learn the Ropes of True end to end Software Development. By this time you have shipped many features to production :)

Year One - Become a Jedi Master and start on your journey by taking in a few young developers in your fold. Teach them your techniques and tell them your stories. The beginning of your own SWAT team.

Year Two - Your team grows, start leading it from the front, become responsible for owning and delivering sprints Your own Sprints You now have your own Squad leaders, help them on their journey of team bonding and togetherness.

Year Three - Take charge and complete ownership for a Delivery project as a Tech Lead. Build rock solid Software architectures, get to work with Software Architects and Product Owners. After this, you can continue on your path to world domination, no issues.

Do all this while you are enjoying the work and life after work as well.

1. The essential Weekend team parties,

2. The not so formal lunch outings,

3. Annual Goa Trips and so much more fun than can fit in this space.


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