Javascript Developer - React or Angular or VueJS



Javascript Developer - React or Angular or VueJS


  • Participates in all phases of the software development lifecycle

  • Sometimes might lead a small team and act as a scrum master (senior position)

  • Coaching and code reviews for junior developers (senior position)

  • Stay on top of the latest technologies


  • Strong in either React, Angular, or VueJS but knowing all is an advantage (1-2 years experience, 7 years overall). Applicants with less than 7 years of experience are still welcome to apply.

  • Experience in Node is a plus

  • Knows module bundlers like Webpack and task automation tools like Gulp

  • Knows fundamentals of the web like the HTTP protocol, TSL/SSL, basic security best practices

  • Being comfortable using command-line interfaces and SSH

  • Experience in AWS, deployment and testing automation is a plus as well

  • Excellent English communication skills

  • Relevant educational background


We like to make sure the talent is well taken care of, and here are just some of the benefits you will enjoy:

  • Top compensation based on expertise – we are only looking for top talent and pay accordingly.

  • Long term work from home + allowances - we let you work from the comfort of your home + amazing allowances you get to enjoy!

  • Standard 5 day work week from Monday to Friday.

  • Flexible working schedule. You can choose your working hours (within reason).

  • Developers and all technical team members are enrolled in our medical insurance on the first day of employment. Also, a maximum of 3 dependents can be enrolled upon hire!

  • Big learning opportunities working with European managers and international clients.

  • Possibility to earn an additional 3,000 pesos more per month through our self-learning program

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