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About Athelas

Athelas is a Sequoia funded biotech startup working on modern, point-of-care diagnostics using Machine Learning. Our main product is an FDA cleared device for immunoresponse monitoring. We're scaling deployments rapidly across the country, and our customer base includes major pharmaceutical companies. If you're interested in modernizing healthcare and working at the intersection of machine learning and healthcare, we are the right place for you.

Athelas is a small, creative, and hard-working team and we're looking for individuals with a founder-type mentality to join us.

About the role

At Athelas we're bringing simple, life-changing health care products to people around the globe. The future of healthcare is at the home - we are a team of technologists building the next generation of medical products at the intersection of hardware and software. We won’t stop until we’ve brought the world class tools of a hospital to your home.

We develop hardware & software and diagnostics to improve the lives of chronic care patients (cancer, hypertension, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder). In the US, 80% of healthcare spend occurs in 20% of patients. We aim to drastically reduce this cost through modern software, hardware, and preventative care services. Its core device (FDA Class 2 cleared) uses machine-learning trained on cell classification to allow chronic patients to monitor their white blood count at home. Its core software product is a platform to help doctors monitor vitals, trends, etc. of such patients, so that physicians and patients can stay aligned without direct interaction.

We've has raised over $90 million from top tier investors such as General Catalyst, Sequoia Capital, Y Combinator, and Initialized.

We are looking for our first designer to raise the bar of what a great product experience looks like for patients and doctors working with chronic conditions. Example projects will include designing how patients and doctors can view their health trends over time, designing the look and feel of our hardware devices, and designing a portal for doctors to manage all their patients.

  • Experience: Ideally two to three years of professional experience at an in-house role or a design agency

  • Focus: As our first designer, general design, UI, UX, and branding will all be part of this role

  • Capable of designing end-to-end products

  • Motivated to set the tone for design at Athelas

  • Truly fullstack: comfortable with UI, UX, and branding work

  • Focus on pace

  • We care about shipping great experiences quickly given how slowly healthcare moves. We would love a designer that shares that belief

  • Great Product and Design Sensibilities

  • Attention to detail around user experience and customer needs

  • Strong eye for designing products with the end user in mind

  • Extremely motivated to grow

  • Strong mentorship skills

  • Eager to ship improvements at a high velocity

  • Proven track record of getting things out quickly


Machine Learning

Our device captures high resolution images of blood smears which we analyze using internally CNNs. Our networks are responsible for segmenting cells, classifying them, and deciding which images include valid and invalid samples. In addition, we have specially designed networks for classifying abnormal cells (blast cells, giant platelets, nucleated red blood cells) that require additional intervention.


Our hardware stack includes custom objective lenses and image sensors to provide the optimal tradeoff for field of view and cell resolution. Our device includes an onboard linux processor, motor drivers, and a linear actuator for orienting and moving the sample. We are always looking to improve our imaging stack to provide more powerful images for analysis.

Clinic Product

We provide customers (clinics) a web-based interface for analyzing results, looking up patient history, and integrating directly with pharmacies. Our frontend is built entirely in react and redux.

Server API

Our APIs are built using flask and sqlalchemy with a postgres database. Our infrastructure is hosted using Kubernetes on GCP. We believe in simple, reliable infrastructure that allows us to spend most of our time on improving our tests and adding new ones.

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