Top 10 Challenges of Remote Work-Life Style

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4 September, 2021
Remote Work (Credit: unsplash)

Nowadays remote work is called THE FUTURE OF WORK. Most of the jobs can be done remotely and people have realised that only due to COVID-19.

But remote work has not started in 2019 or 2020. It has only emerged within two years and people have started looking at this as the future of work. For many years people are working remotely. They shifted from their usual lifestyle to a remote work lifestyle. Nowadays it has become easier because of technology and innovations. But it has its own challenges.

Most of us talk about mostly benefits. But remote work comes with some challenges.

I have spoken with more than fifteen remote working professionals and covered their remote work stories. Here I am going to list the top 10 challenges shared by remote working people.

1. Loss of Work-Life Balance

You need to be really good at managing your time and multi-tasking. Make sure you are focused on work 100% even if your time is flexible. If you are not managing your time properly then you can end working more or very little which could have negative effects on your personal life.

Work-Life Balance (Credit: Unsplash)

2. Effective Communication

When you are working remotely, the best skill you have is to have the art of effective communication. It should be very clear about what to work on or work to expect from others in your team. Miscommunication is really common, so make sure that everyone is on the same about what you are working on or expecting from others.

Effective Communication (Credit: Unsplash)

3. Being Motivated to Work

Motivation is a key to success, we always hear that. When you're in a low cost of the living country the motivation to earn is a bit lower, especially if you have savings and they don't go down too fast.

Being Motivated to Work (Credit: Unsplash)

4. Being Productive

To be productive we need to have a clear routine and maintaining that routine on remote work is challenging because no one is forcing us to be in a routine. We can be flexible. So if you are not maintaining a routine then it can be challenging to being productive.

Being Productive (Credit: Unsplash)

5. Being Accountable

You may lack accountability and time management can be tough when no one is looking over your shoulder.

Being Accountable: (Credit: Unspash)

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6. Timezone Challenge

It can be challenging to manage meetings where everyone is in a different time zone.

Timezone Challenge (Credit: Unsplash)

7. Phone Connectivity

If you are in another country then make sure you always have a local 4G SIM card with you wherever you are.

 Phone Connectivity (Credit: Unsplash)

8. Patience

Things will go wrong no matter how well you plan when traveling. Without patience, you'll spend frustrating time spinning your wheels.

Patience (Credit: Unsplash)

9. Unreliable Internet

If you are in a place where the internet is not so good, and you need good internet to work then it would be challenging to work from those places. Sometimes it's very frustrating.

Unreliable Internet: (credit: Unspash)

10. Blocked Websites

Some countries block websites from other countries, so if you are visiting a country then make sure that you can access websites related to your work.

Blocked Websites (credit: Unsplash)

There are thousands of companies offering remote work. Finding a full time remote job is not tough anymore. Overcome remote working challenges and Go Remote!

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